West Row Computers

Computer service and clean up, install security programs, scan and clean, speed up your system

40 GBP
This is the price if the computer is bought to us, if you need us to call at your home or place of work please see other services "onsite visit"

If your computer has slowed down, started freezing or crashing, popping up strange messages, bring it to us for a full system check / service, we will update windows and your security programs, scan and clean any virus / spyware infections found**, scandisk and defrag the hard disc, check and clean the registry, we will also clean the inside of the computer to prevent heat built up which can cause numerous problems. We will also carry out a final check and report any possible upgrades that may further speed up the system **Please note some virus infections due to the amount of time they have been on the computer can become deeply embedded and may need further work to completely clear them, if this is the case we will of course call you before carrying out any further work