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Toshiba Satellite U400, Intel Core 2 Duo @2ghz, 4gig ram, 320gig hard disc DVDRW drive, Windows 7 pro, 108035

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Toshiba Satellite model U400   Windows 7 pro, 

Intel Core 2 Duo @2ghz

4gig ram (some shared)

320gig hard disc

DVDRW drive, Webcam, built in wireless

ports - HDMI (easy connection to TV for watching movies etc) ESata, 2 x USB, micro firewire, headphone socket and microphone, card reader.

This has built in WiFi but also has ethernet if you want to cable it 

13.3" screen

includes power supply and lead

Windows 7 pro, 64 bit installed and updated

comes with Open Office package, Security, Skype etc,


This laptop is in very nice condition but has some light scuffs / scratches on the lid