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Hi Grade M760s, Clevo, job lot of parts, covers, hinges, invertor and cabling, screen cabling, speakers, FREEPOST

7.99 GBP

all parts shown in pictures are included and pulled from a Hi Grade M760s, will also fit some Clevo laptops, please check part numbers
we have more pictures available if you are still unsure

hard drive cover cover, p/n 6-42-M76SJ-102

memory and CPU cover p/n 6-42-M76SS-102 includes fan p/n 6-31-M74SS-101

hinges, p/n 6-3-W76S1-01 and p/n 6-3-W76S1-02

invertor and cabling p/n 6-76-M660R-011

screen cabling p/n 6-43-M76S1-010-1

speakers, no part numbers

budcom 15 11 17